• Third Floor Wars – The home of the United States Faux Tour (USFT), which is the “masters” circuit for Malifaux in the USA, the guys from Third Floor Wars also bring you battle reports and show off their beautifully painted models.
  • Malifaux Musings – This is a great new blog that delves deep into tactics and strategies with well-written summaries of specific topics/masters in the game.
  • Schemes and Stones Blog – Another great resource for tactics and master/crew specific information, brought to you by Kyle (aka Kyode) from the Schemes and Stones Podcast.
  • GMorts Chaotica – A neat concept where the author opens new sets and boxes of Malifaux miniatures and gives you a look at the sprues, cards, and assembled models. There are also hobby and game tutorials that you can peruse.
  • AbnorMALifaux – A group of UK players give Malifaux a try!
  • Pull My Finger – Great place for beginners to start to learn about the game. Unfortunately Wikispaces is closing, and the future of the Pull My Finger is up in the air at this time.


  • Max Value Podcast – Your host Travis Weyforth also happens to be one of the top Malifaux players in the United States, and his co-hosts tend to be high-level players as well. If you are looking to take your competitive game to the next level, you need to be listening to this podcast. WARNING: May contain IPAs.
  • Red Jokers: A Faux Show – Some of the guys from Dwellers Below (WFB podcast from back in the day) give their hilarious take on Malifaux from down under.
  • Schemes and Stones – The sultry voice of Kyle (aka Kyode) guides you through interviews and discussions about specific masters and crews, with the occasional commentary on other related topics. Definitely a great place for beginners to start, or if you’re looking for an overview on a new master.
  • Arcane Reservoir – A podcast from across the pond that gives you an inside look at the UK meta.
  • Alex Schmid – Powered by mass amounts of coffee and the desire to continually improve his game, the top US Malifaux player gives you tactics, model/crew/master reviews, and discussions on all things Malifaux. Another must listen/watch if you want to improve as a competitive player.
  • Kasual1414 – Our own Kasual gives his thoughts on various Malifaux topics and is now producing Malifaux battle reports.