Thursday Night Musings

Another Thursday, another great turnout for some Malifaux. I was able to bring my latest Lynch list to the table against Mike, who fielded a Perdita crew that I had not faced yet. I have been pretty intrigued by Perdita as a potential master. I’d really like to field a shooty list and she seems pretty fun and fairly potent. Mike ran a list with about seven or eight models, so our crews were about even size-wise. I didn’t capture Mike’s list so I’ll take my best guess at it below.

Standard Deployment

Public Execution

Eliminate the Leadership
Hold Up Their Forces
Search the Ruins (X)
Take One For the Team (X)
Recover Evidence (X)


Mut Mike
Jakob Lynch (Cache: 3 SS)
– Cheating Bastard (1 SS)
– Woke Up With a Hand (2 SS)
– Wanna See a Trick (1 SS)
Perdita Ortega (Cache: 4 SS)
– Aura Ancestral
– Os Veo
Hungering Darkness (Charlie Murphy)
– Addict (1 SS)
Francisco Ortega
– Wade In (1 SS)
Doppleganger Pale Rider
Mr. Graves The Lone Marshal
The Illuminated Peacekeeper
The Illuminated Pistolero De Latiago
Beckoner Guild Guard
Gwyneth Maddox


  • The hand fixing that Maddox and Lynch provide really did some great things for my crew in this one. There were at least three turns where my draw was not solid, and I was able to greatly improve my hand with Rigged Deck and Mulligan, plus Woke Up With a Hand. I was able to activate Lynch last almost every turn thanks to very few close threats.
  • While Trump Cards is an amazing ability, House Rules put in some major work in this game. I was able to reveal three masks in three out of my five turns, healing quite a bit of damage across the crew, dropping four scheme markers, and easily throwing out brilliance without using any AP.
  • Lynch alone distributed 21 wounds via Final Debt, Hold Out Pistol, Play for Blood, and 52 Pickup. I couldn’t get Play for Blood off much thanks to some seriously high WP on Mike’s crew, but clearly it didn’t matter too much.
  • This is the first time I’ve tried the Wanna See a Trick upgrade, which allows Lynch to discard aces at the end of his activation to deal two damage to a brillianced target per ace discarded in this way. He has to be within 6″, and considering how fragile he is, I’ve always been very nervous to run it. However, it was incredibly useful almost the entire game, as I was often in range and holding at least two aces. It’s an excellent finisher.
  • The Illuminated managed to charge a brillianced Peacekeeper early on turn two, and Red Jokered the damage flip to the tune of NINE damage. Not bad a for a 7 SS Minion. I’ve been playing fairly conservative with them but I’m learning they need to get in there and rip shit up fast, and they sure do.
  • I didn’t realize how amazing Addict can be. Getting + flips against brillianced targets across the entire list is incredible and you’re usually at straight flips.
  • This game marked the first time where the crew really did what it was designed to do: give me massive hand advantage. Mike was often really low or completely out of cards while I’m sitting with a full hand, often half of it 10 or higher. Cheating Horror duels and attack actions really depleted his resources and left me to pretty much have my way with his crew in my later activations each turn. And being forced to cheat first thanks to Trump Cards is a serious pain in the ass.
  • Mike had some brutal luck in the later turns, Black Jokering some key attacks and scoring pretty low on some important flips. He had a couple chances to get key damage in late but the cards just didn’t cooperate. One of those games I guess.

Game Summary
Perdita herself put out some hurt on parts of the Lynch crew, and by the time the game ended, his crew had killed Charlie Murphy, one Illuminated, Maddox, and nearly (but didn’t) killed Mr. Graves. Lynch’s crew managed to kill every model except Perdita, leaving me with a major activation advantage to drive up the scheme points in my favor by the end. This was only my third game, and Mike’s second, yet we both played the game fairly well and fairly quickly. Tip of the sombrero to Mike for a good game and best of luck to his Perdita crew as he grows it out further and gets more games under his belt.

Final Score
Lynch 8 – Perdita 3


Nerdhammer: Resurrected?

Hey guys! Not sure the appropriate title for this post, but is back! In the past, we brought you tons of content on Warhammer Fantasy Battles. When that game ended, the crew tried Warmachine (lasted about 2-3 months, ended due to lack of a scene in our area at the time), then Kings of War. We played KoW for over a year, even having a few of our players qualify for US Masters in 2016  However, interest faded amongst most of the group, and we were in a bit of gaming limbo.

Enter Malifaux. Eric and myself had bought crew boxes way back in 2015. We played sporadically, but couldn’t get any of the other guys (save for Anch) on board. We even held a one day tournament in late 2016.

Late in 2017 and into this year, we were able to convince most of the crew to try Malifaux, and things have snowballed from there. Most of the guys now have full crews and we’re pushing full steam ahead with Malifaux. Expect regular updates and content detailing our journey through the game.

– Rob