Cool Stuff

Gaming Helpers

  • Malifaux M2E Rulebook – The mini-rulebook (no fluff) from Wyrd is available for free as a PDF download.
  • Model Build Instructions – Wyrd does not include paper instructions in their model boxes, but you can download the instructions to build any of their plastic models here.
  • Malifaux M2E FAQ/Errata – Find the latest rule changes and answers to your most burning questions here. Updated regularly (about every 6 months) by Wyrd.
  • Malifaux Reference Card – Want to know when you can use a soulstone? Is that damage moderate or severe? Am I at a negative or straight flip? This reference card has the answers for you in an easy to read graphic format. A must for new players!
  • Gaining Grounds – Wyrd’s competitive play packet, updated yearly. Schemes/strategies/etc are updated yearly to keep the game fresh, and the suggested requirements for running tournaments. Also contains other formats of organized play (Henchman Hardcore, Enforcer Brawl).

Wargaming Products

Modeling and Painting Tutorials

  • Dr. Faust YouTube Channel – Pretty much anything you would ever want to know about painting from a guy who can paint with the best of them.
  • BuyPainted YouTube Channel – Allo, is time to paint, I paint best. Literally.
  • Element Games – Amazingly effective tutorials incorporating simple techniques and airbrushing to create excellent looking miniatures. Definitely give this one a look.