Commonwealth Carnage GT


Registration is now open for the Commonwealth Carnage 2018 Malifaux GT! Join us for a 5 game, 50 soulstone Grand Tournament happening in Harrisburg, PA from Saturday 9/29/18- Sunday 9/30/18. We’ll be there Friday 9/28 for setup and open gaming. Three games will be played on Saturday, two on Sunday. All other details to follow (schemes/strats, etc).


  • Send an email to with “Commonwealth Carnage” as the subject. Be sure to include your name, faction, and gaming club (if any).
  • Attendance fee will be $55. This can be sent via PayPal to (please use Friends and Family option). Payment will be due at a later date TBA and guarantees your spot at the GT. Attendance fees are used to cover venue rental; leftover funds are used for prize support, swag for players, and anything else we need to actually run the GT. Nerdhammer does not keep any type of profit from the GT.
  • Hotel booking link can be found HERE

This will be the first GT in the US Faux Tour Tri-State conference (PA, NY, NJ) for the 2018-2019 season. The venue is in a great location as it’s close to Hershey, PA (Troeg’s Brewery, Hershey Park) and is also just 10 minutes from Harrisburg International Airport. The venue is located about 3 hours southwest of NYC, 1.5 hours north of Baltimore, 2 hours north of DC, and 2 hours west of Philadelphia, and is easily accessible via multiple major interstate highways.

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