Nerdhammer: Resurrected?

Hey guys! Not sure the appropriate title for this post, but is back! In the past, we brought you tons of content on Warhammer Fantasy Battles. When that game ended, the crew tried Warmachine (lasted about 2-3 months, ended due to lack of a scene in our area at the time), then Kings of War. We played KoW for over a year, even having a few of our players qualify for US Masters in 2016  However, interest faded amongst most of the group, and we were in a bit of gaming limbo.

Enter Malifaux. Eric and myself had bought crew boxes way back in 2015. We played sporadically, but couldn’t get any of the other guys (save for Anch) on board. We even held a one day tournament in late 2016.

Late in 2017 and into this year, we were able to convince most of the crew to try Malifaux, and things have snowballed from there. Most of the guys now have full crews and we’re pushing full steam ahead with Malifaux. Expect regular updates and content detailing our journey through the game.

– Rob